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We work with you to find out what your business is really about and how you stand apart from others. Branding sets the stage for being meaningful, relevant and memorable. It is the expression of the essential truth and value of a business and communicates your characteristics, purpose, values and attributes that clarify what your business stands for. More >



To win in today’s highly competitive market place, a clearly differentiated marketing strategy is essential. If your marketing messages are fragmented and inconsistent it reflects on how you do business.
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Web Solutions

We excel at creating websites that reflect what you do and how you do it differently. VLW has the expertise to consult, create, develop and launch a credible and results-driven website to move your business forward faster. Your website will become a powerful and valuable business asset that extends your brand’s influence in the minds of the consumer.
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A fresh and knowledgeable perspective from an executive consultant can help you clarify your objectives, maximize the effectiveness of your branding and marketing strategies and provide superior value.
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  • Disney’s Details

Disney’s Details

  • October 20th, 2016

One of the greatest challenges in today’s competitive business environment is to continue to raise the bar. Marketers need to pay incredible attention to the details.

How do you raise the bar in branding and marketing? By finding and following great examples.

In Tom Connellan’s book “Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Key’s to Disney’s Success”, he shares examples about how Disney continues to raise the bar. Two of my favorite examples are about the horse-head hitching posts and 23-karat gold leaf paint.


The horse-head [...]

  • Why We Buy

Why We Buy

  • September 6th, 2016

Marketers need to continually improve their knowledge of buying behaviors. Basic trends in consumer buying patterns are not sufficient to determine all the underlying reasons why people buy.

Behavioral science can be helpful in determining customers thought processes. It can provide insight on positioning a company’s products and services in the minds of the consumer.


A form of mind positioning is selective perception. Positioning is what you do in the mind of the consumer; meaning the position of the product or service. In this [...]

Duane Knapp Testimonial

duane-knappVictoria Whatley understands how to bring brands to life. She has embraced the brand science strategies and applies them to her own business and her client’s business. She will enhance your success and transform your business with her insightful analysis and brand science expertise. Victoria cares about the success of your business. VLW Marketing Group has my endorsement.”


About Duane Knapp

Duane Knapp is a worldwide brand expert, author, chairman and founder of BrandStrategy, Inc. He is recognized as the authority on building Genuine Brands and the pioneer of BrandScience™. He has advised over 325 brands in 15 countries and has been published, quoted or featured in hundreds of books, magazines and newspapers. His newest book, The BrandPromise, published by McGraw-Hill is available on amazon.com.

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