Testimonials are one of the most powerful and effective, low cost marketing tools available. You should have testimonials on your website and in your advertising and marketing materials. When potential customers see testimonials, especially from someone they can personally relate to, they will gain confidence in you.


Don’t be remiss or shy about asking your customers for a testimonial when they have expressed a high level of satisfaction with your product or service.



I recommend a couple ways to obtain testimonials:


  • You can show respect for your customers time by offering to write it for them and then provide them with a draft so they can review it and approve it.
  • You can utilize the services of a consulting expert that offers Customer Experience Interviews.


Be careful about using testimonials that only display a person’s first name or show it as generic such as: “from a satisfied client”. While the testimonial very well may be legitimate, the consumer will likely think it is unreliable or fake. Photos are powerful images to convey emotion and credibility so I highly recommend you ask for a photo to accompany the testimonial.


Testimonials are more believable than your own advertising so utilize them as often as possible.