No matter what business you call, it is likely that you will be placed on hold at some point. There are different schools of thought about on hold advertising. Some believe it is not necessary as they feel they never need to place a phone call on hold.


The more modern school of thought is the inevitable, callers will get placed on hold at some point in the experience and when they do you need to respect the consumers time and provide them with information about your products and services while they are on hold. Marketers should not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to share a company’s branding and marketing messages.


Some business owners may not realize that their phone system is patched into radio music, which has licensing requirements and therefore illegal to broadcast unless purchased. You also don’t want to take the chance of a potential customer hearing a competitor’s radio ad while they are on hold waiting for your undivided attention.


Have you called your business lately and asked to be put on hold so you can do a quality check of your own to see what your consumer experiences when their call is “placed on hold”? Do you hear music? Is it consistent with your business image?  Is the music too loud, is it clear? Do you hear a marketing message? Is it current or was it implemented with the phone system years ago?


On hold advertising is a great marketing tool when used properly. I recommend that you participate in writing the script and choosing the music to ensure the on hold message is consistent with the overall branding and marketing theme of your business.  And don’t forget to mention your web address and social media channels in your message.