Founded in 2008 by Victoria Whatley, VLW Marketing Group is a boutique marketing firm in Denver, Colorado that specializes in designing and developing branded websites and provides marketing, branding, consulting, and social media services for small businesses in the professional services industry.

VLW’s Proven Experience & Results

For over 12 years, VLW has helped small business owners optimize and accelerate their revenue growth through affordable, rapid and effective marketing services. VLW provides valuable insight and guidance to drive your business forward.
90% of VLW’s new clients are generated from client referrals. VLW has proven experience and expertise with a track record of success as articulated in these 30 testimonials from clients.

Who VLW Serves

By focusing exclusively on professional services, it allows VLW to be current with its client’s business challenges, competitive environment, and consumer trends.
VLW seeks to partner with small business owners who are committed to delivering a promise to their customers and providing a service that enhances their lives.
Whether you have an established business or a start up, effective website design, branding and marketing instills confidence, creates loyalty and can command a premium price for your services.

How VLW Works

VLW’s client business engagements are customized and structured by need. VLW listens to learn about the business and its immediate needs and objectives.
After discussing the unique situation, VLW identifies how the business will best benefit from VLW’s expertise. VLW structures the process and timelines based on what is achievable for the client.
VLW starts by defining a detailed scope of services and provides an estimate for approval before work begins.
VLW only works on projects that VLW has a personal belief in and that VLW would be a consumer of.

Why VLW Is Different

VLW Marketing Group-How We Are Different
VLW excels at working with small business clients at strategic crossroads when their current challenges and or new and improved services depend on a rapid response to achieve a competitive advantage in the market.
Clients discover that VLW is an expert at quickly cutting through the clutter to reveal fresh insights and perspective and get it delivered to the target customer.

  • VLW has over 25 years of executive level branding and marketing expertise and factors in the psychological influences that determine how and why people buy professional services.

  • VLW constantly studies and accesses a broad spectrum of current consumer research and apply its own set of proprietary discovery methods to uncover the needs and motivations of the target customer.


VLW’s Core Values

VLW’s Core Values define its character and what the business stands for. These are the values that guide VLW’s thoughts and actions in all that it does:


VLW Marketing Group-Core Value-Partnership


VLW views its relationships as a partnership. First and foremost, VLW is committed to the success of its clients. VLW wants to work with small business clients on a long-term basis and have them feel they can recommend VLW to a colleague, friend or family member. VLW anticipates its clients evolving needs and is committed to nurturing and growing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


VLW Marketing Group-Core Value-Speed


VLW has a strong bias for action. VLW is strategic in its thinking but quick to move and decisive in its actions. VLW believes that speed is a reflection of respect for the client’s time and budget. VLW’s sense of urgency is demonstrated in timely client-focused execution. VLW understands that the best decisions are a balance of thoughtfulness, action and speed.


VLW Marketing Group-Core Value-Creativity


VLW creates and designs for its client’s target customer. Art and strategy are the driving forces behind VLW’s creativity. VLW believes that creativity is rooted in insights about its client’s target market and must be relevant to them. VLW creates and designs everything to influence choice and establish differentiation.


VLW Marketing Group-Core Value-Enjoyment


VLW believes that enjoyment energizes the spirit. VLW finds enjoyment and purpose in all that it does. VLW only works on projects that it has a personal belief in and that VLW would be a consumer of.


VLW Marketing Group-Core Value-Gratitude


It is a privilege to serve small businesses. VLW is grateful to be entrusted with your business and will act with a sense of gratitude through its words, thoughts and actions at all times.


VLW Marketing Group-Core Value-Accountability


VLW takes ownership of its actions. VLW honors commitments and meets its obligations. VLW cares deeply about the results of its efforts and takes accountability for its client’s success.

VLW Marketing Group-work hard-dream big-Mission

VLW’s Mission

VLW’s mission is to increase the pace and precision of strategic website design, branding, and marketing for small businesses in the professional services industry. VLW helps small business owners optimize and accelerate revenue growth through affordable, rapid and effective marketing services.


VLW’s Vision

VLW’s gratification is derived from promoting and reinforcing brand loyalty resulting in an ever expanding stream of customer referrals for its clients.

VLW’s Promise

VLW Marketing Group-Promise-Pledge of Performance to Clients


VLW’s Promise communicates its pledge of performance.

  • VLW promises to work in partnership with you to create a strategy and vision that enhances your success.

  • VLW promises to offer valuable consulting guidance to drive your business forward and faster.

  • VLW promises to attentively listen to clients, strive to understand your needs and care about your success.

  • VLW promises to respond promptly to client’s requests and deliver on all its commitments.

  • VLW promises to deliver services aligned with client’s goals by being strategic, creative and adding value.

  • VLW promises to provide an exceptional experience, superior value and produce outstanding results.


Common Reasons Clients Engage VLW

  • Website revamps & redesigns – their website is outdated and ineffective at reaching the target customer.

  • Online branding review – need an online marketers expert perspective and review of their current online branding, including website content and user experience and social media, to identify opportunities and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Emphasis on value – want to accelerate business growth with a more focused and consistent branding message that highlights and differentiates the value they offer.

  • Competitive pressures – need to refocus their position in their market due to new competition and impeding competitive pressures.

  • New services or expertise – have added new services or expertise to the business and need to integrate it into the overall marketing mix.

  • Brand development – need holistic brand development services, mission and vision development or refinement.


Why Choose VLW

  • VLW is dedicated exclusively to small businesses in the professional services industry.

  • VLW’s expertise is based on 25 years experience.

  • VLW consistently deliver tangible high-impact results.

  • Proven track record of success
    check out VLW’s client testimonials

  • VLW’s branding and marketing process is holistic and often leads to operational efficiencies within a client’s business.

  • VLW uses proprietary tools, consumer research insights and proven processes to perfect a customized business strategy.

  • VLW is an excellent alternative to a large agency – VLW’s business model offers custom tailored solutions to any challenge without the overhead and fees of a major agency.