<strong>Victoria Whatley</strong>
Victoria WhatleyOwner
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<strong>Nick Woodward</strong>
Nick WoodwardOnline Marketing Consultant
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<strong>Gracie Whatley</strong>
Gracie WhatleyBranch Manager

VLW's Business Model

The “Group” portion of the company name VLW Marketing Group, is attributed to the excellent strategic business relationships VLW has established with independent contractors and are only accessed when needed to work on various projects within the framework of VLW Marketing Group’s proprietary branding and marketing system. VLW is an excellent alternative to a large agency - VLW's business model offer custom tailor solutions for any challenge without the overhead and fees of a major agency. Victoria Whatley, VLW Marketing Group’s Owner is the sole proprietor of VLW and is the point of contact for all client engagements.