Victoria Whatley, Owner

vic new 2019I’m passionate about marketing and consumer behavior. I’m skilled in the definition and execution of strategic brand development, website design and development, and marketing strategies that result in long-term value. I have a unique combination of intuitive and analytical strengths with the vision to develop and implement successful business plans. I’m a seasoned marketing executive, leader and strategist. I have an enterprising spirit which I applied to launching my own business, VLW Marketing Group in 2008.


My expertise stems from 25 years of diverse operating experience encompassing the disciplines of business strategy, business development, website design and development, marketing strategy, brand strategy, segmentation, targeting, positioning, sales management, training, advertising, creative strategies, revenue management, pricing, product standards, project management, customer retention and consumer research. I believe your business value is built upon your determination to consistently deliver on your core values and a customer promise to inspire customer loyalty and referrals.

I love to help small business owners in the professional services industry optimize and accelerate their revenue growth through affordable, rapid and effective website design and development, branding, marketing, and social media services.


My approach with each client engagement factors in the psychological influences that determine how and why people buy professional services. I constantly study and accesses a broad spectrum of current consumer research and apply my own set of proprietary discovery methods to uncover the needs and motivations of the target customer.


I am the sole proprietor of my business and I am personally involved with each client’s project to drive business growth through strategic branding, marketing, web solutions planning and implementation. Check out my Testimonials. I have excellent strategic business relationships and access independent contractors only when needed to work on various projects within the framework of VLW Marketing Group’s proprietary branding and marketing system.


I’m an avid reader of books on marketing, branding and consumer behavior. I believe books have the power to shape us by influencing the way we think and feel. There are 2 books that I read early in my career that were the most insightful and thought-provoking. They influenced my career choice and created a fascination with how we, as consumers, respond to marketing messages and make our purchasing decisions. “The Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard and “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer, top the list. Both of these authors inspired me through their extraordinary insight and perception, it provided a foundation for critical analysis that I utilize at my firm today.


Prior to founding VLW Marketing Group, I enjoyed 11 years with Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO), serving as an executive leader and officer, developing customer lifecycle strategies, business process, sales standards and training, strategic marketing, brand development, revenue management, pricing strategies, product standards and property operations initiatives. AIMCO is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is one of the largest owners and operators of apartment homes in the country. AIMCO is a top provider of apartment homes to nearly 250,000 residents. AIMCO has properties in 38 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The company’s shares are listed on the S&P 500 and are publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol AIV.


Prior to my work at AIMCO, I served for 8 years in multiple leadership roles for Picerne Real Estate Group including, property management operations, branding, marketing, sales and training. Picerne is a privately held national real estate development firm with offices in Rhode Island, Arizona and Florida.


Personal Interests

I enjoy reading, especially books on marketing, branding, consumer behavior, and buying psychology. Health, wellness and organic healthy living is important to me. I am always searching for delicious gluten-free, dairy free, and sugar free recipes! I am especially grateful that my husband Scott is an avid hunter, keeping our freezer full of Elk meat for delicious and healthy recipes. Our church and spending time with our ladies ministry brings me much joy. Skiing Copper Mountain is one of our fun mountain getaway spots. Staging and interior design for friends and family is personally rewarding.


Seattle Washington City Skyline wide panoramicI was born and raised in Seattle and I lived in Florida for several years before relocating to Denver in 2001.


I live in Highlands Ranch Colorado with my husband Scott, our golden retriever puppy Gracie and 17 yr. old cat Oliver.
vic and scott for VLW


Core Values

VLW’s Core Values define its character and what the business stands for. These are the values that guide VLW’s thoughts and actions in all that it does:


Denver Branding & Marketing


VLW views its relationships as a partnership. First and foremost, VLW is committed to the success of its clients. VLW wants to work with small business clients on a long-term basis and have them feel they can recommend VLW to a colleague, friend or family member. VLW anticipates its clients evolving needs and is committed to nurturing and growing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


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VLW has a strong bias for action. VLW is strategic in its thinking but quick to move and decisive in its actions. VLW believes that speed is a reflection of respect for the client’s time and budget. VLW’s sense of urgency is demonstrated in timely client-focused execution. VLW understands that the best decisions are a balance of thoughtfulness, action and speed.




VLW creates and designs for its client’s target customer. Art and strategy are the driving forces behind VLW’s creativity. VLW believes that creativity is rooted in insights about its client’s target market and must be relevant to them. VLW creates and designs everything to influence choice and establish differentiation.




VLW believes that enjoyment energizes the spirit. VLW finds enjoyment and purpose in all that it does. VLW only works on projects that it has a personal belief in and that VLW would be a consumer of.




It is a privilege to serve small businesses. VLW recognizes it is a privilege and an honor to provide services for its clients. VLW will act out of a sense of gratitude through its words, thoughts and actions.




VLW takes ownership of its actions. VLW honors commitments and meets its obligations. VLW cares deeply about the results of its efforts and takes accountability for its client’s success.


VLW’s mission is to increase the pace and precision of strategic branding and marketing for small businesses in the professional services industry. VLW helps small business owners optimize and accelerate revenue growth through affordable, rapid and effective branding, marketing, and website design and development services. VLW endeavors to provide valuable guidance and direction to small business owners to help them reach their goals and achieve their full potential.



VLW provides valuable guidance and direction to small business owners to help them reach their goals and achieve their full potential. VLW’s gratification is derived from promoting and reinforcing brand recognition resulting in an ever expanding stream of customer referrals for our clients.