Branding word cloudBranding is one of the most widely misunderstood terms in business. Often, small businesses don’t consider themselves to have a brand or be a brand, they just have a business. VLW feels differently. VLW believes every business, even small businesses, have a brand whether it’s intentionally developed or not.


Your business creates a brand impression at every interaction with the consumer, in every form of media, whether intentionally guided or not. At every encounter a consumer has with your business, you are either strengthening or weakening your brand. You are either inspiring customers and creating brand loyalty or deterring from it.

VLW believes your brand can be shaped more effectively by
clearly articulating what you stand for and being easy to do business with.


VLW’s branding approach is a business process of understanding consumer’s current perception of your brand and then implementing specific strategies and tactics to influence the desired perception of your brand. When you put forth an effort to actively take control of your branding and marketing messages, it reduces the buyer’s perception of risk and makes the purchase choice easier. Your effort builds trust in the consumer’s mind.


one cherry and apples dreamstime_6488234 (2)Branding & Marketing – what’s the difference?

Branding makes loyal customers and advocates. Branding is broader than marketing. Branding and marketing are the key elements that differentiate you from your competition.

Branding is a rigorous set of principles and disciplines that help a business target the most powerful motivators of interest and consideration for purchase.


Marketing is what activates interest. Marketing refers to strategies and tactics used to build awareness of your brand and the services you offer. Marketing generates the strategies of market research, competitive analysis and advertising in order to locate, attract and nurture qualified leads. Marketing strategies and tactics reduce the cost of customer acquisition and shortens the sales cycle. Marketing contributes to the brand but the brand has more value.



Branding is the process of establishing and instilling a defined set of beliefs, values and images in all business communications and in every form of media. It is a system of creating deliberate experiences through marketing consistency. All the experiences and interactions associated with your business collectively create the brand experience. Branding sets the stage for being meaningful, relevant and memorable. It is the expression of the essential truth and value of a business and communicates your characteristics, purpose, values and attributes that clarify what your business stands for.


VLW’s proprietary branding methodology greatly accelerates the development and delivery of a powerful marketing strategy because it is built on the foundation of a well defined purpose, mission, vision and customer promise.