VLW’s Core Values define its character and what the business stands for. These are the values that guide VLW’s thoughts and actions in all that it does:


Denver Branding & Marketing


VLW views its relationships as a partnership. First and foremost, VLW is committed to the success of its clients. VLW wants to work with small business clients on a long-term basis and have them feel they can recommend VLW to a colleague, friend or family member. VLW anticipates its clients evolving needs and is committed to nurturing and growing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


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VLW has a strong bias for action. VLW is strategic in its thinking but quick to move and decisive in its actions. VLW believes that speed is a reflection of respect for the client’s time and budget. VLW’s sense of urgency is demonstrated in timely client-focused execution. VLW understands that the best decisions are a balance of thoughtfulness, action and speed.




VLW creates and designs for its client’s target customer. Art and strategy are the driving forces behind VLW’s creativity. VLW believes that creativity is rooted in insights about its client’s target market and must be relevant to them. VLW creates and designs everything to influence choice and establish differentiation.




VLW believes that enjoyment energizes the spirit. VLW finds enjoyment and purpose in all that it does. VLW only works on projects that it has a personal belief in and that VLW would be a consumer of.




It is a privilege to serve small businesses. VLW recognizes it is a privilege and an honor to provide services for its clients. VLW will act out of a sense of gratitude through its words, thoughts and actions.




VLW takes ownership of its actions. VLW honors commitments and meets its obligations. VLW cares deeply about the results of its efforts and takes accountability for its client’s success.