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About VLW

About VLW

Passionate About Small Businesses

Founded in 2008 by Victoria Whatley,
VLW Marketing Group is a boutique digital marketing firm in Denver, Colorado, specializing in responsive website design, website hosting, digital marketing services, and social media for small businesses in the professional services industry. 90% of all VLW’s clients come from client referrals.

How VLW Can Help

Focused on adding value

VLW excels at working with Clients at strategic crossroads when their current challenges and or new and improved services depend on a rapid response to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Client’s discover that VLW is an expert at quickly cutting through the online noise and clutter to reveal fresh insights and perspective that will add incremental value.

Why VLW Is Different?

Consumer Behavior Focused

VLW has over 25 years of executive level branding & marketing experience and constantly studies consumer research trends to understand the psychological influences that determine how and why people buy professional services. VLW applies its own discovery methods to identify and understand its clients target customer.

Who VLW Serves

VLW focuses exclusively on small businesses in the professional services industry so it allows VLW to be current with its clients business challenges, competitive environment, and consumer trends.

VLW seeks to partner with small business owners who are committed to delivering a promise to their customers and providing services that enhances their lives.

What We Do

Digital Marketing

Online marketing tactics including your website, local search, and social media to improve your presence.

Website Design

Responsive WordPress website design, development & secure managed website hosting.

Online Marketing

Expert knowledge of creative design and consumer research to attract your target customer.

Social Media

Profile set up and optimization for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Local Business listing management.

VLW achieves high-impact results for its Clients.

VLW recognizes that reputation is everything in business and you have to be good at what you do.

VLW’s track record of success is demonstrated in its Client Testimonials.

How VLW Works


VLW’s engagements are customized and structured by client need. VLW listens to learn about the business and decides if VLW is a good fit.


VLW identifies how the business will benefit from VLW’s expertise. VLW structures the process & timelines on what is achievable for the client.

Scope of Services

VLW will define a detailed written scope of services, estimate, and project agreement to review with client and gain approval before work begins.

Project Organization

VLW provides a detailed project task list outlining roles, responsibilities, and VLW’s deliverables to help keep the client organized during the project.

Is VLW a good fit for you?



VLW views its relationships as a partnership.
VLW is committed to the success of its clients. VLW wants to work with you on a long-term basis and have you feel you can recommend VLW to a colleague, friend, or family member. VLW anticipates its clients evolving needs and is committed to nurturing and growing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.


VLW has a strong bias for action.
VLW is strategic in its thinking but quick to move and decisive in its actions. VLW believes that speed is a reflection of its respect for your time and budget. VLW’s sense of urgency is demonstrated in timely client-focused execution. VLW understands that the best decisions are a balance of thoughtfulness, action and speed.


VLW creates and designs for your target customer.
Art and strategy are the driving forces behind VLW’s creativity. VLW believes that creativity is rooted in insights about your target customer and must be relevant to them. VLW creates and design everything to influence choice and establish differentiation.


Enjoyment energizes the spirit.
VLW finds enjoyment and purpose in all that it does in serving clients. VLW only work on projects that it has a personal belief in and that VLW would be a consumer of.


It is a privilege to serve small businesses.
VLW recognize it is a privilege and an honor to provide services for its small business clients. VLW will always act out of a sense of gratitude through its words, thoughts and actions.


VLW takes ownership of its actions.
VLW honors its commitments and meets its obligations. VLW cares deeply about the results of its efforts and takes accountability for its client’s business success.



VLW promises to work in partnership with you to enhance your business success. VLW is committed to nurturing and growing our long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.


VLW promises to always be strategic in its thinking while acting with speed to achieve client-focused execution. VLW’s sense of urgency is a reflection of its respect for your time and budget.

Undivided Attention

VLW promises to give its clients undivided attention, listen intently, strive to understand needs, and deliver services aligned with clients business goals.


VLW promises to provide an exceptional experience, superior value, and produce outstanding results for its clients. VLW aims to earn your testimonial and referrals to your friends and colleagues.


VLW promises to always demonstrate gratitude through its words, thoughts, and actions with its clients. VLW recognizes it is a privilege to serve small business and aspires to be one of your most trusted advisors.


VLW promises to honor its commitments and take ownership of its actions. VLW cares deeply about the results of its efforts and takes accountability for its client’s business success.


Victoria Whatley

In 2008, Victoria launched VLW Marketing Group and has over 25 years of executive level branding and marketing experience. She constantly studies consumer research trends to understand the psyco9logocial influences that determine how and why people buy professional services. She is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of VLW and receives 90% of its clients from client referrals.

Nick Woodward

Online Marketing Consultant
Nick is an independent contractor that helps support VLW Marketing Group when needed. Nick has worked for over a decade in all aspects of the online marketing industry. He started out simply building websites but today has transitioned in to providing the full range of online and offline marketing services. He is an evangelist for using emerging technologies to streamline business processes.

Gracie Whatley

Branch Manager
Gracie joined VLW in May 2019 and earned the Branch Manager position. She’s an avid squirrel chaser and her favorite toy is her monkey, who is frequently lost under lots of snow. In the summertime, Gracie loves to play on her splash pad. She’s working on improving her Zoom call etiquette as she is known to frequently interrupt, photo bomb, and bring her monkey to client meetings.

Stand Out From The Crowd.

VLW Marketing Group consistently delivers high-impact results for its clients and an enhanced brand experience for its clients customers.