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Branding & Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Branding makes loyal customers and advocates. Branding is broader than marketing. Branding and marketing are the key elements that differentiate you from your competition. Branding is a rigorous set of principles and disciplines that help a business target the most powerful motivators of interest and consideration for purchase. Marketing is what activates interest. Marketing refers […]

The Science of Why We Buy

Marketers should strive to continually improve their knowledge of consumer trends and buying behaviors. Basic trends in consumer buying patterns are not sufficient to determine all the underlying reasons “why” people buy. Behavioral science can be helpful in determining customers thought processes. It can provide insight on positioning a company’s products and services in the […]

7 Powerful Marketing Disciplines

Marketing is a serious business discipline. People are not born marketers. It is a discipline that can be learned. But it takes the right mix of talent, time and effort. Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors and in his book “Outliers” the recurring theme is the “10,000-Hour Rule”. The rule is that the […]

Raising the Bar For Your Customers

One of the greatest challenges in today’s competitive business environment is to continue to raise the bar. Marketers need to pay incredible attention to the details. How do you raise the bar in branding and marketing? By finding and following great examples. In Tom Connellan’s book “Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Key’s to Disney’s Success”, […]

Ask For Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available. You should have testimonials on your website and in your advertising and marketing materials. When potential customers see testimonials, especially from someone they can personally relate to, they will gain confidence in you. Don’t be shy about asking your customers for a testimonial […]

Featured Testimonial

Dan & Joy O’Rourke

Victoria nailed it! She was able to take the essence of who we are at Dentistry’s Optimal Model Laboratory, show our conviction for excellence, support our core values, and build an amazing website that portrays our business with professionalism, sophistication and simplicity. With her wonderful guidance and expertise, we were able to develop an easy to navigate, clean, beautiful website that told our story. We can’t imagine working with a more perceptive, kind-heart, insightful, talented person. Thank you Victoria, on behalf of Dan and Joy O’Rourke, Hilary O’Rourke and Gurgen Melkumov.