VLW works with established small businesses and start-ups in the professional services industry to determine what differentiates your business to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. VLW believes every business, even small businesses, have a brand whether it’s intentionally developed or not. Your business creates a brand impression at every interaction with the consumer whether intentionally guided or not. At every encounter a consumer has with your business, you are either strengthening or weakening your brand. You are either inspiring customers and creating brand loyalty or deterring from it. VLW believes your brand can be shaped more effectively by a focused branding process.


VLW’s Branding Services

  • Brand Strategy & Brand Development
  • Rebranding or Refresh
  • Mission, Vision & Values Development
  • Brand Promise Development
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Standards & Identity Guide
  • Business Cards & Stationary/Letterhead


VLW’s Branding Approach

VLW’s branding approach involves assessing the strengths and opportunities of your business from your targeted customers point of view to create incremental value. Branding sets the stage for being meaningful, relevant and memorable. It is the expression of the essential truth and value of a business and communicates your attributes, purpose, and values that clarify what your business stands for. VLW’s branding approach greatly accelerates the development and delivery of a powerful brand strategy because it is built on the foundation of a well defined purpose, mission, vision and customer promise. VLW will work with you to determine what differentiates your business in the market to gain a competitive advantage.

  • VLW follows the discipline of BrandScience™ which leads to transformative results.
  • VLW works directly with the small business owner to develop or refine your vision, mission, core values and customer promise.
  • VLW applies its proprietary branding and marketing system to identify, differentiate and position your business to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • VLW accesses a broad spectrum of consumer research studies and applies its own set of discovery methods to uncover customer needs, wants and motivations.
  • VLW gains insight into your business to identify your target customer.
  • VLW will assist in refining your offer to ensure it occupies a relevant, distinct and valued place in the minds and hearts of your target customer.


VLW’s Holistic Branding Model

VLW’s proprietary branding model consists of 5 key disciplines to enhance and accelerate your small business success. VLW’s banding process is well-established, comprehensive, and delivers tangible high-impact results for clients. The framework is adaptable to your specific needs. Central to VLW’s philosophy is the belief in the maximized benefit of applying this holistic approach, however there are certain circumstances where a client can greatly benefit and achieve incremental results from engaging in just a portion of the 5 key disciplines.

VLW applies its expertise across these 5 key disciplines:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Evaluation
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Delivery


Brand Strategy is the plan to implement your branding efforts. Brand Strategy is the only way to effectively and confidently connect your brand to your business goals and influence the perception of your brand in your favor. VLW’s approach is driven by the discipline of BrandScience™ which leads to transformative results.
Brand Platform is VLW’s definition system and process for helping you develop or refine your Mission, Vision, Core Values and Customer Promise. VLW believes your business value is built upon your determination to deliver a Customer Promise and inspire customer loyalty and referrals.
Brand Evaluation involves assessing the strengths and opportunities of your business to create incremental value and profit from branding. VLW focusses the evaluation from your target customer’s point of view.
Brand Expression is the creative disciplines that enhance or create your brand identity and standards. Your company image is your identity in the market place. VLW designs to influence choice, establish differentiation and communicate your Customer Promise across key communication assets.
Brand Delivery is VLW’s process for bringing your brand to life on the Web through your website, social media and other integrated web marketing and online solutions. VLW considers your web presence to be the top priority in establishing your credibility, relevance and differentiation with your target customer.


Branding is Worth the Effort

When you put forth the effort and investment in your business to actively take control of your branding and marketing messages, it reduces the buyer’s perception of risk and makes the purchase choice easier. Branding builds trust in the consumer’s mind. Contact VLW Marketing Group to discuss your branding needs today: 303-488-3320.