As a professional dentist in a health-centered practice, my relationship with patients begins with a one-on-one conversation. I want to get to know my patients, to understand what their values and desires are and to help them achieve the level of health that they are seeking. I don’t want to rush them through a superficial experience and offer them some quick fix. I want to offer them a definitive long-term plan that feels authentic to them and is designed to serve their communicated vision of their desired dental future. This is exactly how Victoria Whatley approach’s her clients with regards to website design. Our relationship started much the same way my dental relationships start, with a conversation. She really wanted to get a sense of my “brand” of dental practice and asked all the right questions. She is an active listener and has the utmost integrity, always staying true to her word. She is so organized and if she set a deadline, she always delivered. I’m a perfectionist and very attentive to detail. She was very patient with me. I never felt she was rushing the process along, but rather attentive to my every question or desire for edits. She gave me a “to do list” that set me on a journey of self reflection and forced me to really think about how I want to convey myself to the public. What I received through this process is a website that truly reflects who I am as a dentist and as a person and I could not be more satisfied with the finished product. Thanks Victoria!

Ken Schweifler, DDS, MPH - Dentist